A Master Class with Dr. Bottazzi is an unforgettable experience!   Her enthusiasm for playing the piano is contagious!  Her tremendous ability to convey the essence of the music, to demonstrate how  to play and how to practice musically and technically, and how to elicit a vast array of sounds from the piano, make the music come alive!  She sits down with every performer to compare ideas and to give some tips.  She is a great encourager!  Participants come away excited about the knowledge they have gained and are eager to practice!

From her first lesson at age two, she was taught  to practice up to eight hours a day.   She was given opportunities to study with three of the most famous teachers in Paris, including Germaine Pinault who was a student of one of Franz Liszt’s best students.  Under Ms. Pinault’s unusually intensive teaching, (five-hour lessons every day for five years), Dr. Bottazzi learned over 3,000 of the major pieces in the classical piano repertoire.

Dr. Bottazzi gave her first solo recital at age four, and has performed in solo recitals and with orchestras around the world. Her  U.S. performances also include 17 concerts at Carnegie Hall.

She and her husband established the Bottazzi School of Music (formerly the Germaine Pinault School of Music) on Long Island in 1968, and has been teaching and coaching professional pianists since then.

Her Teaching DVDs for Solo Piano, Concerti and Technique are without equal, and are excellent follow-up resources for those taking a Master Class with her.

To schedule a Master Class at your institution, or for yourself and your peers,  please write to Dr. Bottazzi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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