As an enthusiastically acclaimed international concert pianist and teacher for many years, I am excited about sharing with you my passion for beautiful piano playing!

All that you feel, all the artistry that you have inside, can be expressed ONLY if you know how to do so.  Technique is more than playing fast and cleanly.  It is beauty in sound and projection, knowing how to change the touch according to the style of music, caressing the keyboard.  Technique is so complex that one needs hundreds of hours of teaching from a knowledgeable teacher to acquire it.  I was privileged to have studied with several master teachers.

These DVDs are unique because they SHOW you how to play with great artistry and excellent technique, in the tradition of such great pianists as Rubinstein and Horowitz.  You will learn how to play so beautifully that your music will first touch your own heart and then touch and capture the hearts of your audience!

In the Solo and Concerto DVDs, I discuss musicality, sound, phrasing, articulation and pedaling, and give fingering suggestions and exercises to help you master technical difficulties. 

The Technique DVDs offer recommendations for relaxation, finger strengthening, hand strengthening and sound projection, as well as various ways to practice scales, chords, trills, etc.

Music is a marvelous gift that we have been given.  We should do everything we can to develop this gift and share it.  I am sharing my gift of music and masters’ training with you through the DVDs.


To learn more about my remarkably intensive training and concert career, please click on Bio.

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